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If you would like to begin an online clothes business with low capital investment then we are here to help you out with some ideas that you can put to use. Nowadays it is very easy to start making money from home by selling clothes online. The clothing industry is booming and people are making a large number of dollars through a lucrative clothing business.

Most of the ideas do not require much investment and the only effort done on your part would be the marketing of the business. There are plenty of ideas which can help you grow your home business and some of them have been discussed below to help you start your own profitable venture now.

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If you know how to perform the screen printing process or are adept at embroidering, then you can start customizing designs for customers. The customer can order any text, logo or design on their t-shirts, caps, jackets and other pieces of clothing which you are able to replicate using your skills. Customers love customizing their clothes because it makes them feel they own something unique so this is a very profitable business.


You might not have heard of clothing rentals before but it is a type of business that is very much in vogue these days. Most people only buy a certain outfit to wear to a specific occasion which is why it is ridiculous to spend a lot of money on it. The better and more affordable option is renting out the clothes and pay by the hour. You can avoid repeating outfits this way and also stay well within the budget.
Businesses can benefit from this habit and start renting out high-end branded clothes for only a fraction of the cost of owning them. These can be formal, semi-formal and red-carpet outfits which the person can rent for a night.


Another piece of clothing that is always in demand is school, factory or sports team uniforms. You can start a business of selling these uniforms by obtaining the rights from the organizations. This can help you receive a large number of orders since there are not many registered uniform shops in an area therefore it is a matter of supply and demand.


The clothes from previous decades are very much in fashion now. People like to wear palazzo pants from the 70’s and rock the high-waisted jeans look which used to be popular in the 80’s. All these trends are now back in style which is why it is best to go into such a business. You can make money by selling clothes online that are old and of good quality.


Wedding dresses are so expensive most brides usually forgo them which is why a wedding dress rental business would profit from the high influx of customers. People would prefer to rent out a dress they would never wear again granted it is in good condition. This will help brides wear the dress of their dreams and also provide people with the chance to start a business. This idea can also be extended to dresses for bridesmaids as well.


Thrift stores are easily found in towns big and small but bringing them online would be ingenuous. People like to buy used clothes and they do not mind wearing something which has been pre-owned. The clothing is durable and has lasted all these years which is why you can wear them again and again. They are also much cheaper than buying a brand new outfit.